Preschool Franchise – The Best Business Opportunity

Preschool is the place where kids can develop and grow while playing, listening and reading. It offers the environment in which children become independent, learn refined skills and improve verbal communication. Preschool education has become quite popular among Indian families. Thus, the demand for quality preschool has also increased. If you have a passion for teaching with a flair for entrepreneurship then opting for the franchise of a renowned preschool can be a good business opportunity. Franchising has evolved as the most successful model to expand and enhance preschool education.

The increased awareness among the parents regarding the early education of their children has given a big boost to preschool education business. Furthermore, the international preschool franchises are entering the Indian marketplace is another factor contributing to the popularity of this sector. The best way to start a preschool is to go for the best preschool franchise in India.

Franchising is a proven business opportunity and therefore, it is safe to opt for this business model especially in the case of new entrepreneurs.

Best Business Option for Women

Preschool education franchising is the best option for women who are looking to start something on their own. However, women have proved themselves in most of the sectors but having a preschool education franchise is the most appropriate business option for them. In the top 10 preschools in India (Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad) the majority of franchisees are women. In addition to this, you might have noticed that majority of the teachers, lecturers, and professors in various schools, colleges, and universities are women. The main reason behind this is that women can relate properly to them. They are patient by nature which is mandatory while dealing with children. Therefore, a preschool franchise can be the ideal option for you to start your business.

Before taking up a franchise, consider below-mentioned points-

Qualified and Efficient Staff:

A good team of skilled teachers is the prime requirement to assure the quality of education and care of children in preschool. It is important for the franchise to organize training sessions for their teachers from time-to-time to keep them updated with advanced teaching techniques. Franchisor helps franchisees in the recruiting process of the teachers. Moreover, the franchisors appoint the team to review the processing and functioning of every franchise unit in order to retain and sustain the standards of the brand.


If you looking to opt for the best preschool franchise in India, a minimum investment of Rs 5-10 lakh is needed. The franchise has to invest in property renovation, infrastructure, general equipment, staff recruitment, training, and salary. Moreover, the franchise has to spend on promotion to build the brand awareness.


The minimum land needed to open a preschool is 1,000-1500 sq. ft. It is advisable not to buy or hire the space or building which is located in a very crowded area with a high traffic frequency because parents will not prefer that area. The top 10 preschools in India (Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad)are located in the less crowded area and highly preferred by parents in terms of safety from vehicles.