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Yoga Poses That Must Be Tried By Skinny Fat People

A lot of skinny fat people have benefited from yoga exercises. Basically, a skinny fat person is someone who appears thin in nature but in real sense, have a lot of fats and very little muscle tone. Below are three poses to help you dispense the fats in your body and tone the muscle levels.

The first pose that you need to consider is chair pose with a twist. Basically, this is an effective pose which works with shoulders, glutes, oblique, thighs and the upper part of your back. Generally, you will commence the exercise with having your feet shoulder-width apart. Secondly, endeavor to have your hands raised above your head with the palms facing one another. Ensure to have the palms pressed together and then lowered to your chest level. There is also need to have the upper body twisted in a slow motion and knees bend while lowering the arms. The elbows are to be placed on the thighs. You should consider having the right elbow being placed on the left thigh for five seconds and the left elbow being positioned on the right thigh for the same amount of time.

The other fundamental yoga pose to consider is the downward dog split. Basically, this is a common pose where you will have to move into the downward dog position. Basically, as you move downward, you should consider inhaling and lifting your leg behind while keeping the hips square. Your leg is to be brought down and then up towards your nose as you exhale. There is need to keep your abs tight as you exhale and lift the leg to the nose. The process should be repeated 10 times where you allocate 5 times to each leg. This exercise works the glutes, abs, upper back, triceps and shoulders.

the last but not the least, you need to consider the bow pose. This pose demands that you lie on the matt with your face facing down. Make sure to have the forehead touching the floor and then place or rather position the hands or the arms on the sides. There is need to ensure to have the palms facing upwards. Ensure to exhale and bend your knees. It is where the knees are bent that you get to position your toes close to the glutes. Also, consider stretching your arms and reach to either your feet and ankles behind you. It is after grabbing the ankles or the feet that you inhale while lifting your chest and thighs off the ground. You should ensure to be in that position or pose for at least 5 seconds. consider repeating the procedure severally. The pose has always helped tone your back, thighs, arms, glutes and shoulders.

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