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Dealing with Stains on your Carpet.

Keeping our houses clean is something that we have to do by all means. Carpets being on the floor tend to collect a lot of dirt and this makes them key areas of cleaning but the cleaning could be something else when they collect stains that are hard to come off the fabric. If you have children and pets in your house, stains are bound to be part of your daily life and if you are inexperienced with stains it could be stressful. With the following steps your carpet cleaning will be better and you don’t have to freak out every time you see stains.

If you happen to be there when a substance spills on the carpet or if your child or pet makes the stain , you should clean it off immediately before it can react with the carpet fibers. At the first sight of a stain many people rush to get their detergent or chemicals used with stain but before that there is a good old option that you can try first. Try rinsing the stain in water before you use chemicals on the carpet because you might get the stain off that way all you need is wet cloth to help with the scrubbing.

The chemicals being produced today are very strong, in fact with some you will have to use gloves to avoid damage on your hands. There are homemade solutions for cleaning agents that are bound to work great and compared to extra strong chemicals, they are better when applied. Baking soda is one homemade solutions that will effectively deal with your stain and any odor that your carpet may have. Baking soda and vinegar while combined will work well to deal with your stains and odors if there are any. Another home solution is the dish washing detergent, it will cut through the stains with the help of some warm water. Bio-enzymatic cleaners are ideal choices when it comes to cleaning, the enzymes will break bacteria and stains permanently and your carpet will be as good as new.

You can clean your carpet with commercial cleaning products just be sure that you test the cleaning agent on a material that not exposed first to see if it will be ideal for main carpet. When it comes to the cleaning method of the stain, consider gently dabbing otherwise you will force the stain deeper into the carpet. If you do not have the time and the equipment to clean the carpet yourself you can hire professionals to come do it for you. Regular vacuuming will help you deal with eliminating dirt collecting over time and that prevents stains from forming. Having a liquid extractor will be good for you as stain that pours immediately can be removed before it sets in the carpet.