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What Small Business Owners Can Learn from Beryl Stafford.

At times, if the world is against you it might be a good thing. This might even be the thing that tells you that you are meant to go further than a lot of people think you can.Once you get to your goals the world will be on your feet ashamed of ever doubting you. Given the growing culture of people who are turning to be vegan, it is a surprise that the world would not welcome an idea for a vegan cereal bar. This might be due to the fact that some people do not know the difference between being a vegetarian and a vegan. Beryl Stafford had to fight to get to the top selling her baked oat bars. When starting, she started at the bottom only selling to the local people. When it comes to your local cafe, this is the point where people are introduced to brands which will go on to break a record in the world. Local cafes are the starting point for many bakers because they can talk to the owners easily and do deliveries in their pursuit for financial freedom or just because of the passion they have for the job. This is exactly what Beryl Stafford went through.Just from a divorce, her lawyer advised her to get a job which was outright out of line. She did not listen to that though but chose to start baking which was only for a few hours every week.

Beryl Stafford linked up with a local food accelerator to get a better knowledge of the food industry and for years she was only selling to the local cafes with no expectations of breaking out of Colorado. It only to one purchasing agent for Whole Foods to help expand the business into a full-time business when he tasted Beryl Stafford’s bars and made it possible for her to bake for 20 different stores. It is important to note that this is not something that happened by chance but rather she had to work on it. She had to go all the way to Southern California to deliver the goods to a Whole Foods rep. Once she found someone to distribute her products in a large-scale it became much easier.

When you have a business you have to be willing to work from your way up which at times might mean you have to let your ambition be your slave driver. Even people who are working for you might not be that supportive and at times all the work might fall on you if you want to get it done right and on time. You can click here for more details about growing a business people are against.